Custom Artwork for The Miami Dolphins followed by a Tarpon Experience

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Custom Artwork for The Miami Dolphins followed by a Tarpon Experience



Returning to my hometown for a special project with the Miami Dolphins, I embarked on a dual adventure—creating custom art and reconnecting with nostalgic fishing spots.

As storm clouds loomed, I navigated the familiar waters, dodging raindrops and hoping to reel in some tarpon. Amidst the Gators and rain, I found myself hooked on the thrill of the chase. From encountering a croc to landing a pristine tarpon, the old stomping grounds didn't disappoint.

The journey took an unexpected turn when a YouTube subscriber reached out, offering an opportunity to showcase my artwork at the Miami Dolphins' stadium. With just three days to complete the task, my dad, also an artist, joined in to help. Choosing Galapagos green to honor my wife's Ecuadorian heritage, we transformed blank walls into vibrant expressions of support for the Dolphins' home opening game—a game they triumphantly won.

A special shoutout to Tracy, a viewer who made it all possible, connecting me with the Miami Dolphins for this exciting opportunity. The collaboration was a success, and I look forward to future artistic endeavors. 

As the rain threatened again, I seized a moment to cast my line at another cherished fishing spot. The thrill of a tarpon's swipe and the satisfaction of being back home made the journey worthwhile.

In the end, whether creating art for the Dolphins or casting flies into familiar waters, this homecoming was a celebration of creativity, community, and the joy of pursuing passions in the place where it all began.