North Georgia Road Trip

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North Georgia Road Trip

Made a quick weekend trip to the mountains to enjoy some of the cold weather......... Or so we thought..... We rolled into town, hoping to see some snow, and snow we got. But it also brought some strong 30 knot gusts of freezing air along with it. Our trip consisted of a rainy hike at the Raven Cliff Falls Trail as the winter storm approached, we went on the Land Rover Off Road Experience at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC and we fished one morning on the Soque. 

Special thanks to Alex over at River's Edge on the Soque for always being a great host. He has an incredible stretch of the infamous Soque River in North Georgia. We came across one of his guides Dawson who was also fishing his waters that morning and got to fish with him for a little bit. It was extremely cold that morning, and our fly line was freezing into the rod guides. I had a blast up there, but was happy to make it back to Miami to warmer weather!


Here are a few pics from the trip. 

[Rainy Hike at Raven Cliff Falls near Helen Georgia]


[Riverside in Helen Georgia]


[Dawson and Amanda with a cold morning 'bow]


I'm already planning another trip back early Spring...


Until next time....