OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Eric's First NFT - Tarpon Haze

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OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Eric's First NFT - Tarpon Haze

Eric Estrada is a well known Marine Life Artist with many years in the game. Eric has partnered with very influential brands such as Yeti, Sweetwater Brewing Co, Yuengling Brewing Company, Heineken, Contender Boats, and many more. 

Eric now bring you his first NFT in his new collection titled Fender Pointe.

Tarpon Haze derives from one of his greatest experiences fishing the backwaters of Florida. When the stars align, thousands of tarpon migrate to an abandoned development. What was once going to become roads, are now rivers and waterfalls that host these large school of tarpon. This doesn't happen every year, and when it does, the magic only lasts a few days. It requires the perfect combination of water temps, water levels and salinity in order to allow this to transpire.  


Tarpon Haze tells a story of tarpon stacked at the bottom of the makeshift waterfalls, awaiting to explode on any fly or bait thrown their way. It is complete Chaos while being in perfect harmony as the sky lights the water when the sun begins to set.  

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