The Drawing Board: Art and Angling for a Cause

The Drawing Board: Art and Angling for a Cause

I'm thrilled to share a behind-the-scenes look at my latest YouTube video, where I combine my love for art and fishing to support a meaningful cause. In this post, I'll give you a brief summary of the video, so buckle up for a journey that involves creativity, angling adventures, and community support.

The excitement begins as I gear up for the third annual fishing tournament hosted by Oceans Unite church in Vero Beach. The event is all about raising funds for the House of Transfiguration, a cause close to our hearts. I'm eager to contribute, and my plan is to donate customized prints that showcase my artistic flair.

To give these prints a personal touch, I make a pitstop at Michaels, picking up frames and paint. As I dive into the painting process, I share insights into my artistic choices, particularly focusing on blues to enhance the visual appeal of the prints. I also express gratitude for the support received from generous companies like Turtle Box and Bajio Sunglasses, who stepped up to make a difference in the local community.

Amidst the creative process, I take a break for some fishing action. A bass makes its appearance, adding a touch of angling excitement to the video. We then transition to my studio, where I demonstrate how I add unique doodles to the matting of the prints using Prismacolors. I dive into the significance of repetitive drawings for branding, drawing parallels to my graffiti roots.

The completed prints, featuring detailed illustrations of a tarpon and a redfish, are showcased with excitement. I believe the customized touch adds a special flair to the prints, making them perfect for the upcoming fishing tournament.

I take a moment to encourage you, my awesome audience, to support the cause. Whether you participate in the fishing tournament or take advantage of the extended Labor Day Sale on my website, every bit counts.

In the final fishing segment, I share the ups and downs of attempting to catch a tarpon. A surprise encounter with a massive fish, potentially a gator, adds an unexpected twist to the adventure. Despite the challenges, my enthusiasm for the cause remains unwavering.

The video wraps up with details about the fishing tournament – prize categories, participation information, and how you can contribute to the cause. I'm excited to share this blend of art, angling, and altruism with you all, and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed creating it. Until next time, tight lines and happy creating!