When it Rains it Flows... Tarpon Trails

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When it Rains it Flows... Tarpon Trails


Over the last few weeks, we have had an insane amount of rain. Hurricane Season had yet arrived, and we already dealt with a tropical wave in the Gulf of Mexico bringing a bunch of rain, then Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto came right behind. While the rain has put a damper mood around town, and washed out everyone's Memorial Weekend celebrations, it has turned the freshwater tarpon bite on. 

SubTropical Storm Alberto

So you might be wondering, what is a Tarpon Trail? 

Jokingly, the past few weeks since we have had this rain, I've been using the term "Tarpon Trail" on my IG Story. I have been searching for areas less likely to be fished by many. I am looking around for areas that can hold tarpon, in the middle of nowhere. Most people have assumed that I am referring Tamiami Trail; but I am not. As long as there's water flow, there will be tarpon. I try to locate areas that are either in undeveloped areas, or in industrial parks. As long as the waterway connects to one of the main canals that dump into the everglades, there's a chance that there will be tarpon. I am sure there are more than tarpon, but the tarpon are easier to locate, as they are rolling and easy to spot. If there are tarpon in the spot, they will show themselves. 

Spillway Roller


At first, it was difficult to get them to eat anything. It was frustrating to say the least. I can see the fish, and see them eating, yet they wouldn't take my offerings. The key is to figure out what they are chewing on, and tie something to match. I got it figured out and it's been a fun week. 

Tarpon Minnow

I've managed to land one each day, four days in a row, all in different parts of town. I have jumped several others as well. These fish have been super fun. nice fish in the 10-15lb range on a 5wt are always a blast. Here are a few cellphone pics:


And fittingly, we had just wrapped up shooting my interview for the new 5wt Chronicles episode about the fishing post-irma, and I decided to hit a spot on the way home. I told myself I wouldn't be going empty handed!This guy was an explosive bite, and several runs through the lillypads. And just at the end, as it appeared that he finally gave up, one quick burst and exploded my 5wt!


I have gotten my Tarpon fix for the time being, and focusing my efforts in something else. Here's to more silver coming soon!

Miami Bonefish


Until next time!